Started with a vision to bring a substantial difference in the education sector, KG2PG admission zooms in its focus on the basic dilemma of every student regarding career choices and career directions.

We are living in an era where everything is available on the internet yet personal guidance and support is something that every student seeks when it comes to career. KG2PG Admission systematically caters to the need of personal counseling and assists students in realizing their dreams of getting a seat in their preferred college.

The admission to the right college can change your life. It can give you new possibilities to discover your potential and hone skills. We strive to make the ends meet for students by bringing them closer to their dream college. We have successfully helped over 1000 students to get seats in reputed college as well as facilitated them with references to accommodations.

KG2PG Admissions is a Karnataka based Education Consultancy which worked as a Career Counselor for more than a decade started this education consultancy with a dream to help the students to find their right career path by using his expertise, knowledge and years of experience.

Our Vision

Education is for all. Our vision is to reach every single student out there and help him/ her pursue education in the right college with preferred subjects. The financial hurdles or lack of information should not come in their way to achieve goals.

Our Mission

Our Mission is “to provide the right guidance to every student to let them choose the right career path and follow their dreams through our education consultancy services”.

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